An innovated spiritual wellness group welcoming all those seeking truth to become the person they were created to be. We will help you understand who you are, finding your purpose and living a life of peace, joy and wellness. Come join us for our power packed seminars and workshops as we learn about spiritual growth and mind-body wellness.

Grief Support for Kids
When you've lost a loved one, you know that dealing with grief during the holidays can be tough times. Start preparing yourself now! Learn the tools to take care of yourself through the holidays and beyond. Join us for the next two months as we discuss how healthy eating, living and spirituality plays a part in your positive attitude and "feel good" mood. Read "When Daddy's Gone: Dealing with Grief from a Child's Perspective" to help our young ones cope with grief and offer them tools to get through day by day. 

***Inquire about support groups for adults***

Bullying Stops with Me
How many of us can think of a time when we were bullied or when we bullied somebody? I bet if you took a poll from the kids in your life, they would have many stories to tell. So many stories, so many kids, so many times bullying has affected many people. Have you ever wondered how hard this is to share with parents or teachers? Well I have! Join us as we teach others how to open up about their stories, share their experience and move past their fears with bullying.


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If you are seeking truth and need help with finding purpose in your life, I am here to guide that process. Our family relationships play an integral part in how we experience life and how we relate to one another. I like to approach each session using a systems approach, as one system interacts and affects the other. I also provide Clinical Supervision for those seeking licensure

My expertise developed from working with children and families in their own environments, many dealing with grief and loss. I am able to meet families where they are and help them move past their pain. Our focus would be geared toward healing from a holistic perspective (mind, body and spirit).

As a clinical supervisor for over 5 years, I had the pleasure of networking with community agencies as well as exposure to different client dynamics and treatment areas. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with others in hopes to help them move past their pain.


I am a Certified Professional Counseling Supervisor (CPCS) who is able to provide supervision to licensure eligible clinicians in Georgia.


Consultation and Counseling Services through JUST HEAL COUNSELING

Appointments and Fees: 

1 hour sessions start at $120 for individual, family and couple counseling via in office or online. 

No Show Charge (no notification of cancellation): 1 hour session in Office or Online: $100

Clinical Supervision sessions for 1 HOUR in office start at $75/hr for individual sessions; and 60/hr for groups up to 4 people.  

Cancellation in less than 24 hours (except in cases of emergency are $60 each; and will be charged as a missed appointment fee.  


Cash, check, debit, VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

For out of network expenses, I can provide a super bill to submit to your insurance company.  


Payment is collected at or before the time of service.  PayPal is the preferred method of payment.